Chemostratigraphy using elemental compositions is the technique that Chemostrat was founded on and we remain the premier provider of chemostratigraphic interpretations. We also provide fully interpreted stable isotope stratigraphy services using carbon isotopes from either kerogen or carbonate. Our stratigraphic expertise means that we will fully integrate any of our clients stratigraphic data and provide a comprehensive solution.

Tight Rock Reservoir Quality

Our truly innovative approach to unconventional plays allow us to provide a suite of data that includes mineralogy, TOC, RHOB, RHOM and porosity from each cuttings sample. From these parameters DTC, DTS and Rock mechanical moduli are derived. Using these parameters in conjunction with production data provides our clients with a means to genuinely identify the “Best Rock” and with interpretation the key factors controlling production. These data are all acquired quickly and at a fraction of the cost of a Quad Combo log.

Petroleum systems analysis

Our Technical Manager, Jonathan Madren, provides expert organic geochemical interpretations on oils and oil-to-source data. If you already have data (GC-MS, Biomarker, isotope analysis, etc.), let us interpret those data and provide you with insight into your petroleum systems. Or if you need to acquire data, contact us to discuss your requirements and let us take the strain out of acquiring and interpreting your data.