Elemental data

At Chemostrat we have an array of elemental analysers including XRF, HHXRF and ICP OES-MS. This means whether you need analysis of cuttings or cores, mudrocks, clean sandstones or limestones, whether the analyses are needed tomorrow or next week, we have the solution.

Mineralogical data

Through our sister company, we provide high quality, precise and accurate bulk and clay fraction XRD data. If you need a lot of mineralogical data really quickly, use our innovative FTIR system that can provide mineralogy and TOC data that are acquired simultaneously. The simple sample prep and quick analyses for this service means that we can get all your cuttings samples from a lateral well analysed within days of TD.
We also have in-house petrographers with years of experience in the oil and gas sector to provide qualitative descriptions, point count data or use imaging software for grain and pore analysis.

Organic geochemical data

We have in-house organic petrography and VRo services and experts to combine with LECO TOC and RE6 (regular and shale method) data to provide all the organic geochemical data on rocks you need.

Tight rock petrophysics data from cuttings and core

Our truly innovative petrophysics workflow for tight rock plays measures RHOB and RHOM through water immersion porosity (WIP), allowing determination of porosity on all core and cuttings samples. Used in conjunction with our FTIR (mineralogy and TOC), meaningful rock mechanics parameters are calculated along the entire length of the well-b ore. N –adsorption analysis on bulk or isolated kerogen can be added into out tight-rock petrophysics package to better understand pore sizes and pore size distribution.