Chemostrat was founded in 1994 by Tim Pearce and Ken Ratcliffe, the company's main aim then was to provide a professional, petroleum industry-orientated chemostratigraphic service. Chemostratigraphy has remained a cornerstone of the company’s service offering over the past 25 years, however, Chemostrat and our sister companies now offer a wide array of service to the upstream Oil and Gas Industry. We have specialised services for unconventional plays, specialised source-to-sink services for provenance studies, tools for reservoir quality evaluation, Organic geochemical specialisations and well-site services.


In order to better recognise the widening of service offerings, our continued global expansion, growth by acquisitions and joint venture development, a parent company, Hafren Scientific Limited (www.hafrenscientific.com) was formed in 2013. Chemostrat Inc is an operating subsidiary of Hafren Scientific and a sister company to Chemostrat Ltd, Chemostrat Pty, Chemostrat Canada Ltd and Origin Analytical Ltd. Hafren Scientific acquired X Ray Minerals Services Ltd in 2019, showing continued commitment to growth and development.



Chemostrat Inc, based in Houston Texas, has taken on the mantle of unconventional specialists within the group, due in a large part to its proximity to and direct involvement with the “Shale Revolution”. 


We have full interpretative and laboratory services based in the heart of the Oil Industry, Houston, Texas. Our geologists have vast experience in stratigraphy, sedimentology, organic geochemistry, mineralogy and conventional and unconventional operations. Our Houston laboratory provides quality XRF, mineralogical, organic geochemical and petrophysical data safely, efficiently and cost effectively. 


Working with our sister companies, we can provide ICP OES-MS data, heavy mineral analysis, Raman spectrometry and XRD data, providing a one-stop shop for the oil and gas industry.