Chemostrat wellsite doesn’t just bring instruments to wellsite, we bring over 25 years of data interpretation.

Chemostrat has built an unrivalled reputation for providing and interpreting the highest quality laboratory data over the past quarter of a century.

We have worked in most basins around the world, providing elemental, mineralogical, isotopic and organic geochemical data and interpreting those data to deliver meaningful stratigraphic correlations. We have also carried out numerous studies in many North American shale plays, implementing not only high resolution stratigraphic analysis, but a full array of Shale Solutions. With our wellsite services we are bringing this experience to wellsite as well as using state-of-the art instrumentation to provide inorganic whole rock geochemical data, mineralogical data and magnetic susceptibility data.

Our elemental data are collected using small compact XRF instruments that require minimal sample preparation (no heavy cumbersome pellet press required), yet yield data of a quality similar to that of larger instruments in a matter of minutes.


Our mineralogical data are collected using highly portable Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) instruments which determines bulk mineraology and TOC indication from small samples in minutes. Magnetic susceptibility data provides detection of magnetic minerals to aid in the identification of sequence stratigraphic boundaries.

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